My sore feet after walking a marathon

mike7So, in September 2015 I walked a marathon – the Shine Night Walk in London in aid of Cancer Research. I hadn’t done as much preparation as I would have liked, and I made the fatal error of using trainers I had only recently purchased. Still, how hard could walking a marathon be? Well little did I know…

My feet, along with my back, gave me the most problems during my walk. The first 13 miles were relatively easy, and if I had stopped there then things would have been fine. But for the last 5 miles the soles of my feet were in agony, and I was walking trying to protect them, which probably did even more damage. At this point the base of my back was really painful too. For me it was the combination of a lack of decent distance training (the longest walk I had done was 12 miles), wearing lightweight running shoes, and just the sheer imapct on the feet of walking for 10 hours on hard pavements.

The next day it was fairly obvious something was wrong:

  • Sharp stabbing pains
  • Pain when putting pressure on my feet
  • Difficulty walking

But I wasn’t sure what the problem was yet. After three days I booked my first appointment with a podiatrist…